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HEALING HANDS CLINIC – KOTHRUD is a member of the Hernia Alliance, the exclusive network of clinics offering the ProFlor Dynamic Implant for Hernia Repair.

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Common hernia repair is performed using a flat hernia mesh, which is implanted into the body to “patch” the hernia defect.  This is a static repair solution, which stands in conflict with one of the most dynamic parts of the human body and is known to create significant scar tissue.

Open Onlay Mesh and Laparoscopic Mesh Surgery, the two most commonly used methods for inguinal hernia repair, are both associated with patients developing long-term, hernia mesh related chronic pain in

18% of open inguinal hernia onlay mesh repair patients1

6% of laparoscopic hernia mesh repair patients1


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ProFlor is a dynamic hernia implant, which moves and contracts with the body’s muscle structure, and has shown to enable regrowth of significant healthy muscle tissue.

Studies show that ProFlor is a superior hernia repair solution to open, onlay mesh inguinal hernia surgery:

Demonstrated 6x Reduction in Consumption of Pain Medication2

Operation usually takes less than 30 minutes under local anesthesia2

Demonstrated Significantly Reduced Post-Operative Pain2

Demonstrated Recurrence Rate Well Below the Current Standard Methods of Repair4

Demonstrated Absence of Chronic Pain in over 480 patients which were followed up to 72 months3-4

Demonstrated Significantly improved Quality of Life (CCSTM)2


Performance claims and data cited from reference studies and materials listed here.

Healing Hands Clinic - Kothrud

Healing Hands Clinic is a chain of state-of-the-art centers for hernia repair. With 12 locations across India, its flagship clinic launched in 2008 and is located in the in the heart of Pune.

A brainchild of its founder Dr Ashwin Porwal, Healing Hands has treated hundreds of inguinal hernia patients throughout India with the ProFlor Dynamic Hernia Implant. Patients are treated by internationally recognized doctors and surgeons, and each clinic is set up with special attention to patient safety, comfort, and hygiene.

Healing Hands has plans in place to be present in over 20 locations throughout India within the next year, and it expanded internationally in March 2020 with its partnership with Medstar Clinic in Dubai, UAE.

You can visit the Healing Hands Clinic website at: To schedule a consultation, submit your contact details below and a representative will reach out to you to set up an appointment.

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